Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Feature: Dominant Legs

Named after a mate's sexy legs, while skinny dipping, San Francisco native Ryan Lynch started his Dominant Legs project with some demos late in 2009. Already then it was named a "band to watch" by Stereogum. Lynch later met the sweet-voiced Hannah Hunt, and the pair started performing together. Soon after their EP Young At Love and Life was released in August 2010, the duo became a quintet with Rene Solomon, Garett Goddard and Andrew Connors making the band's sound and performance full-fledged.

Dominant Legs' debut album Invitation is full of upbeat love pop songs. All instruments and vocals work perfectly together creating a feel-good mood. It's almost like Abba; cheerful melodies, but perhaps a hint of sadness in lyrics. Their music is something what your parents would be listening on the car radio. As a matter of fact they do describe their music as "'80s R&B, pop, disco that you would hear on KISS FM", even though Bob Dylan, Bruce Springstreen and Buddy Holly influence them.

They've put out two videos, of which the latest "Make Time For The Boy" is definitely one of the best videos of 2012. Twin Peaks fans, step forward.

Dominant Legs - "Make Time For The Boy" from stereogum on Vimeo.

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