Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Imperial War Museum London

After a few months, I found the best museum London had to offer. It was so intriguing that it took me the whole weekend to go through the whole place (excluding chargeable displays). Where else could you find a piece of the Berlin Wall and World Trade Center in the same location?

The museum had 4-5 floors, of which one of them was dedicated solely to the Holocaust. I rarely get nauseous, but the stories of Josef "Angel of Death" Mengele and his experiments on people at Auschwitz were in its own league. Major surgeries without anaesthesia, sewing children to create conjoined twins, injecting chemicals into eyes to change the color, amputation of limbs, shock treatment and so on. Just to show his power.

During my visit, they had an exhibition of British children at World War II. The best exhibition I've seen? In recent memory, yes.


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