Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Feature: Vektroid


Summer. Skate. Tune.

These are the three words I'd use myself to describe Washington State- based chillwave prodigy Vektroid's music. In the producer's own words it would be a hi-fi computer journey through space and time and second life sunsets on a nude virtual beach.

Two albums released during 2011, Starcalc and Neo Cali are the perfect examples of how an artist can grow during a short period. Vektroid delivered a very coherent sophomore, which also transmits a story. When listening to Neo Cali, it feels like you're being taken through the phases of a summer day. From skating like crazy under the hot midday sun, until relaxing when the comforting cooling evening breeze comes. For pure electronic music to pull of something like that deserves to be congratulated.

Exciting times are ahead, as the third album will be released late spring. Here's a teaser;

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