Friday, March 16, 2012

Attack of the Aunts

March 6th-11th, 2012

After not seeing my sister in over two and a half years, I was really excited to have her visit Finland again. I even did some hand crafts, which I wasn't good at in school, and got some Finnish goodies.

In exchange I got some American/Canadian goodies, including Austra's deluxe edition debut album!

I'm sure my sister was very stoked of seeing our nephew for the first time too! Almost as stoked as eating rye bread again.

The week also included seeing my father, since December in London.

A shopping day in Helsinki. Yes, I bought a dress.

We celebrated someone's two-month birthday.

Nate is already a big handsome boy!

The highlight was when not only did he smile at me, but kept eye contact and smiling even when I walked pass by him; he followed my movement! He looked like a toothless little old man.

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