Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tree standing tall

I'm running now, but off the path. 
Franticly searching for my way back. 
Now I'm lost and losing hope, 
and feel the breathing of something close. 
Must escape, go far from this, 
but I'm travelling deep in the dark of this. 
I can't tell, but I can see the rabbit standing next to me.

Based on these words, I get the feeling that Oliver Tree Nickell is experiencing rough times in finding his place in the world. However, music-wise his straight-forward lyrics, hard-hitting beats and now and then sentimental melodies have shown that he's an act the indie scene will embrace sooner or later.

Nickell is the father of the amazing Tree project, which is a collective of multimedia artists (director, 3D animator, 2 street artists) from San Francisco. Together they create and push the underground movement in the bay area, while promoting creativity and positive energy.

Only 18, Nickell has already been successful in licensing some of his music with an MTV show, and played alongside artists such as Skrillex and Nero. This spring will see Tree's debut 'Splitting Branches' being released, and I'm starting to think that 2012 has the chance of being a better year for music than the splendid previous one.

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