Thursday, March 1, 2012

The New Girl

Has anyone watched the US hit show New Girl starring the amazing Zooey Deschanel? Well, in Finland the title is translated into 'Three men and a girl', and that's how it is now. I mean me living with three guys.

It's great! We get along very well. What's even greater is the view from my room.

In front you have the central park/church, the lake, the bridge, which takes you to which I like to say 'the better side of the city' (that wasn't a joke, always going to be proud of coming from that area of town). Then also the mushroom-shaped water tower, which was almost in our old apartment's backyard. Even though the picture doesn't show you properly that this city is called the 'city of light', this video should;

It's really strange to be living somewhere else than the area I'm used to (excluding Holland & London), having everything close by. Best to enjoy it then!

With her staring at me.

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