Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Feature: Pinback

One of the best feelings is when someone recommends you music that hits you hard. And I have to admit that it rarely happens nowadays. Also, it could take quite a while for me to get into the music. Like with San Diego´s multi-instrumentalist duo, Pinback. One year, one year.

But as I´ve said before, if something takes time to grow, it will last way longer. Most likely for a lifetime.

I took it as a mission to go really quickly Pinback´s whole discography, which starts from 1998, in merely a week. Unfortunately with all the amount of music to go through that´s a very used idea. In this case, though, I started with their 2004 album Summer in Abaddon, and am still listening to it. The first thing I wake up, the last thing before I go to sleep, and all the betweens.

The album is just too good.

Not only can you hear the band´s musical ability and irresistible hooks, but also the magic in how to make a record work as a whole. It keeps you in that certain state of mind, which gives the flow for anything you do. If that makes any sense.

It can be heard in many songs from other album as well, and I can´t wait to dig into them. But for now, I´m going to enjoy being addicted to one album, which hasn´t happened in ages!

thanks to jordan and heidi for the recommendation.

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