Thursday, May 16, 2013

Covering your ass: Franco and the Dreadnought Special

Last year with the artist I work with, we launched a cover competition to create some hype for his first video, Last Man Standing. We got only one entry, which was ace though. A year from that we decided to launch a similar competition again- the fan base had tripled and many collaborations with other musicians were done during the past time. So, I was expecting quite a few covers and remixes this time.

We didn't get as many submissions as we would have wanted, but once again the quality was just amazing. Three covers and a remix, which are completely different from each other, yet fantastic. Great vocals, rhythm ... They're so good that I think I've listened to them more than the original versions!

The winner will be chosen by the public tomorrow evening, so you still got time to go vote for your favorite by just simply liking/commenting on the entry you love most right here. One lucky voter will receive Franco's new EP, and the cover winner on the other hand not only the EP with their name on the art work, but also a brand new Franco shirt and maybe a home gig. There's nothing better than to see him play the acoustic guitar in an intimate setting.

Here are the entries with the original versions.

Where I'm Calling From

Entry # 1 Emily Rose Hutchinson

Entry # 2 Josh Ruding

Love Sweet Home
- I remember when they were recording this at The Animal Farm studio and me and my friend were asked to  do the stomp/clap for the background. It was just a simple stomp/clap, but it was funny to see how we were trying to keep up with the rhythm. So staying in rhythm  for the girl who did the cover is not the hardest thing! It also reminds me of summer camps when we kids did the cup thing.

Entry # 3 Izzy Kennedy

Last Man Standing

Entry # 4 Connor Lepre aka Droid Daughter

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