Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday Feature: Aeropsia

Visual snow (Aeropsia) is the persisting visual symptom of 
seeing snow or television-like static across the visual field.

Santa Cruz- based producer Aeropsia aka Dane Ostrander has seen visual snow for the entire 22 years of his life. According to Ostrander, it doesn't bother him at all though. But I guess I can say that thankfully it affects his production. You see, for him, composing music is all about capturing the moment. The static he sees acts as a constant reminder to embrace the present. 

And as we all know living in the now is one hell of a barrier for most of us.

His EP released next month entitled "Chimera" (=a beast with parts from different animals in Greek mythology) is a suitable way to describe Ostrander's music. He's all over the place with producing beats not only for himself, but others and also remixing classic groovy tunes. Even if the beats and tracks differ from each other, you can still recognize the Aeropsia trademark. For me his signature style represents the type of maturity, subtlety and calmness, which takes time to grow on you. 

But when it does, you will fully appreciate it.

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