Monday, February 18, 2013

London calling. Again.

Just as I got to finish all my blog posts regarding London, another trip there was done. But this time it was all about being a complete tourist. And reliving stuff that I loved doing, which was mainly eating.

chicken bacon spinach jacket potato, former office food

my favorite food stall in whole camden...

...the place where i got home food

finally a proper fish & chips meal

chinese take away, extra spicy please. 

annual competition, this year i choose coconut

Of course the trip wasn't only about eating.

my favorite english beer
got this as a welcome present, for my friend's surprise it had finnish written on it

And with the touristic part.

thursday tesco time

We did some serious shopping at Harrods, the world's most famous department store. It's owned by the late Michael Jackson's good friend, which explains the story of Jackson being able to buy a monkey from there. The owner also owns Fulham Football Club, which has a statue of Jackson just outside the stadium. Also, his son died in the car crash, which took Princess Diana's life as well. I learned more about that place than I would have thought. The most interesting thing in the store itself was a £1 million Chardonnay wine collection. The bottle collection started already from the late 19th century. A few years were missing, but that's because during those years the wine grapes didn't meet the quality expectations Chardonnay had. Therefore, they got rid of the entire crop.

It was strange to be back in London, but at the same time it felt like I never left. Like a former colleague of mine said- London is one of those cities, which just stay the same. Although, on my first day a couple of people bumped into me and apologized. This is not the London I remembered.


  1. "Fuller's Honey Dew" was great but spend some time with you was even better... Wonderful week, I really hope that we could repeat it very soon.

    1. aww likewise! yes, i hope we could all meet up for example in a country we haven't visited yet, like iceland..