Monday, February 11, 2013

Gunners and The Reds

As soon as I arrived in London for a quick vacation, I was immediately rushed from one place to another. Though, this time one of my childhood dreams came true, when I got to see a match of the biggest football league in the world- the Premier League. Also, it wasn't any match, as my favorite and obviously the greatest English team took on an "alright" London team at their packed Emirates stadium. But of course no (big) stadium compares to our Anfield.

The ticket was a complete rip off, but I thought what the heck- you don't graduate too often. I'm glad I went, since Red legend, vice-captain Jamie Carragher announced he'd be retiring after this season. It was a rare treat to see him on pitch, and consider myself lucky to do have done so in all Liverpool matches I've gone to.

The team, on the other hand, wasn't too lucky. We lost our 2 goal lead within 3 minutes, but that's better than losing the whole match. And I finally got to see future legend Suarz play!

in brendan we trust

vamos suarez

arsenal's legendary manager wenger

living legends stevie g & carra

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