Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday Feature: El Perro Del Mar

by christopher hunt

The first thing that came into my mind of this very much sea dog- liked Swedish pop artist was fellow musician Lykke Li. El Perro Del Mar aka Sarah Assbring is probably used to this comparison, but I can't help it. The similarities don't stop only to the music and nationality, but there's a striking resemblance in some of their past promo pictures. To be more accurate, however, I should say it's the other way around as El Perro Del Mar is a musical project, which has been going since 2003. Though, with Assbring's latest album Pale Fire, she's started to remind me of Florence and the Machine.

Musically, El Perro Del Mar has slowly but steadily grown on me. From the well-drafted elegant pop to the 90s feeling electro, there's so much to discover from her music. Pardon, I really don't know what else to say... Except if music was bought like before, El Perro Del Mar without a doubt would deserve to be as high as the well-known Swedish bands on the all-time top sellers list. 

She's that good.

thanks to age for the recommendation.


  1. In the first video sometimes you forget about the music and only watch....

    1. true that! it's amazing what they do. sometimes i was thinking that there must be a wire holding him.