Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cambridge calling. Twice.

It was great to visit another city in England, so great that I did it even twice. Same city I mean. All I heard about Cambridge was that it reminded of our Dutch exchange city with all the bikes and so on. Indeed it did feel like being in Holland/Belgium with the cozy streets.

Cambridge is known for its numerous colleges. Colleges, which look like churches. A city crowded by the rich talented students and the poor extremely talented students. Dressed up like Harry Potter with the scarves and other clothing showing which college they belong to.

the corpus clock is exact every 5min
unveiled by stephen hawking in 2008. always thought he was american!

Many important things have been discovered in Cambridge, and it seems that the best place to announce them is a pub. Like you can read below.

Basically, if you visit London, it would be a good idea to visit Cambridge as well, since it's only 40min away by train!

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