Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gig night at the Rattlesnake of Angel

February 1st, 2013

North London's Rattle Snake turned out to be a great place to go see unsigned up and coming music acts. When the live music isn't on, it's an even greater place to hear some 60s and 70s feelgood tunes.

The first to take the stage was Franco and the Dreadnought. It was about a year ago that I saw him live for the first time. Back then it was an intimate and relaxing acoustic session, now I got to hear him with the support of beats coming out of a Mac. Honestly, I do prefer the acoustic set, but on the other hand we got to see more of Franco's amazing guitar skills. Seriously, those agile fingers... I just wonder how many hours of practice he has put into it. Also, after many months of interacting through written words, it was truly a breeze of fresh air to speak face-to-face. You know it's been too long, when he tells me that the last time we spoke I had a British accent.

Listen to his music here.

It's no secret that the next act made me think "not another indie folk band", but Lloyd Yates and his crew managed to do something that I hadn't heard a folk act do yet- bring some proper rock into it. It was as refreshing as talking to Franco. By the way Franco loved Lloyd's hair.

Listen to my favorite song of his here and check out the do here.

With the blue lighting, Toby Connor gave us a bit of a chill atmosphere, but luckily his music didn't leave us cold! It reminded me of Live or Silversun Pickups with the 90s rock feeling in it.

Watch the great quality video below, you can even see blurry Franco passing by. In its literal meaning I mean.

Last but not least, the bluesy rock and roll hero JJ Symon. He really had people taking over the dance floor, some even looked like they were at aerobics class. No doubt it was a perfect ending for a lively evening.

Listen to his songs here.

Icing on the cake.

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