Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ozlo. Pt. 2

Like I expected Oslo was very much like the other Nordic capitals. The size, architecture etc. The only thing is that Norwegians don't actually have any traditional food. Oh yeah, except in some area they eat half a goat head for Christmas. Viking-based stuff, you know?

Frankly, when visiting Norway I have the beautiful nature scenery on my mind. Luckily Oslo has that too, just a tube trip away.

And when I thought I've seen everything Oslo had to offer, my friend takes me to this absolutely random area, which felt like taking a quick trip to Berlin (even though I've never been there [yet]). It was a lovely bohemian place with loads of cool graffiti, which I'm crazy of. Sadly I don't have the artistic skill for that, but if you can't do one, you need to admire one.

I'm going to finish this post with a few various remarks. The first is about the saddest day in Norwegian history, which they chose to keep in the streets as a reminder. I remember watching a documentary of it, and there was this one family explaining how they had fled the Middle East for a safer future. Ironically, their daughter was one of the victims on that day two years ago.

Continuing with a lighter remark, we went to an 80s cover band gig one night. For our surprise the place was packed with middle aged people. Crazy stuff.

We were talking about the girl with the head band, who dressed accordingly. While turning around, she turned out not to be a girl, but a WOMAN. Would this happen to us in 20 years?

Then my friend showed me this piece of art.

Why is it so special? Because the guy who sings the most worldwide- known Norwegian song, did it. Perhaps you wonder which song it is.

You know it.

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