Monday, June 3, 2013

Jolly Old London

The second you step on London ground, your schedule will be so stuffed that you´ll be basically running from one place to another. Let it be a vacation or just purely business, it´s all the same.

I spent a few good days mainly meeting with music industry people. An entire day listening to a publisher, record plugger, digital marketer, promoter etc. was like a crash course of my whole degree. No doubt it was educating. (Note: this sounded sarcastic, which is not the purpose.)

London is a special city in the sense of things to see and do. You can live there for your whole lifetime, and there would still be loads of places to visit. I had plans to do some graffiti hunting and go to the London Motor Museum (only 2,5 miles from HEATHROW), but sadly couldn´t. I even missed out on my favorite food stall in Camden.

Though this just means that I need to go there again sometime. In a better time. When neither I nor my friends would be busy with school or work that we could actually enjoy a pint or cuppa in peace. But I´m really happy to have seen them, especially my friend´s friend from Spain, who I met a couple of years earlier while in Holland. They are one of those people to whom you say "see you again", but you never really do. Exceptions are just the best, innit?

Anyways, enjoy these pics taken in the freezing city!

i loved dinosaurs as a kid, especially the stegosaurus

"let´s meet at the diana cafe, 100m east from the station", which way is east?
"east is where the sun rises", but you don´t see the sun here!

my only "graffiti hunt"
one of banksy´s works used to be here
but they cut the wall of and shipped it to america. douches.
give this back!

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