Thursday, June 6, 2013


After some hectic days in London, I wanted to spend my time in Oslo taking it easy. Of course seeing all the important things, but without any rush. I had been there 20 years before and seen from the pictures what we were up to. Sitting on the naked woman was my only "must" for the trip. You´ll understand what I mean later in this post. Another thing I wanted to do was visit the Munch Museum, but unfortunately they were preparing the place for the 150th anniversary to be opened today? Gutted.

But really I didn´t have any expectations before flying there- usually I check all the things to do from Wikipedia beforehand, now I just had to trust my friend Linda who had moved there over a year ago. A pretty trusty guide book.


we hope you see the red now.

if not the museum, then the grave.


Oslo´s opera house is quite a building. Our new German friend thought it was alright too, as he had spent 7 hours taking photos of it. 7 hours of one building. Many many many pictures of one corner. "This is incredible" being shrieked quite a few times. The finger being shown to dark clouds. Scheisse. 7 hours. That is incredible.

let me look for a pen. which is in my pocket after all.

The picture above is from an English comedy show:
I saw two witches kissing, and I was like get a broom.
You´ve crossed your hands, it´s not like we´re going to steal your nipples. Now you´ve crossed your legs, it´s not like we´re going to steal your vagina. You over there should be careful, though.

The city of the naked people was looming before us.

And then we heard that familiar sentence. It indeed was incredible.

Our German friend´s comment of the naked statues: "These are like pedophiles!"

1994/2013 it was surprisingly hard to get on top this time!
father of the year

so you think you can dance

I really would like to know my thoughts back in 1994. And why I was allowed to have my face painted completely red.

Second part of the trip coming soon with loads of pictures and perhaps even more words.

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