Monday, July 1, 2013

Listen to your heart

After I had graduated everyone kept asking me what next. And I kept telling them I'll keep my options open. When in my mind I was thinking can't you just let me enjoy this moment and beer?

I did keep my options open. At least for a while. Many job applications went with an *ugh*, and a *sigh* when there was no response. 

To make everything easier, I narrowed things down into what I was passionate about. Those were music, beer and tea.

When I mentioned to people that I would be interested in working in the tea business, they were like wtf. Tea, tea? *raising one's arm to drink from a mug* movement. Once I even talked about wanting to get into either the music or tea industry and then going on for a few minutes solely about music. After my little speech, the guy asked me but why tea?

Is it really that random?

Towards spring, my brains were rooting MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC and my heart was like tea tea tea. 

One of the hardest things to do is to listen to your heart. There are so many people out there doing stuff that they are sick of. And that's something I want to avoid. But most of all avoid having the question what if on my mind. I guess it's much more worse to not know than to be disappointed.

Also, there's that sense of uncertainty when you're being rational. It would have been much easier to do the things you're familiar with already and continue collaborating with people you know. It's understandable to stay in your comfort zone. 

For sure it was kind of terrifying to take a risk, but after three weeks there hasn't been a single morning when I would have rather stayed in bed. And that's A LOT said from someone who's hated mornings since forever.

Though, I still can't realize that I'm getting schooled in the industry I wanted to. Schooled in my favorite tea company. Yeah, of course I could feel differently later on, but hey, at least I tried and went after my dream. 

And I can feel a bit more relaxed about the future knowing that there's one less what if.

Ps. don't listen to those, who think they know what's best for you. The truth is that they're just on the way of what really is.


  1. Jallu, One of your best writings if not the best which I have ever read. So very true every word.

    Listening to your heart is equivalent to being on the right path.