Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Feature: John Davey

Whenever you hear people talking about good songwriters, they look into the past to find them without even taking a second to think about the contemporary ones. The same thing happens with hardworking musicians-  thanks to social media, kids nowadays believe they can succeed by just creating a Facebook page and sharing some tunes on it every now and then.

I'm absolutely delighted to have discovered someone who not only is an exceptionally talented songwriter, but also a hardcore DIY artist. From West Lafayette, Indiana, John Davey is simply a pop folk genius.

For almost six years now Davey has been doing the thing he loves- making music and performing it. The written songs are often a reflection on the time he's spent on the road and the toll it has taken. In A Whelming Tide, Davey's debut album released last summer is a perfect example of how to make an album, which works as an entity. If only had I heard it last year, it would have been on my top 2012 records.

What I love about Davey the most, though, is the patience the guy possesses. It's way too common that aspiring artists are in a hurry to share their music with others- and most of the time the music is just not ready. Davey, on the other hand, takes his time in crafting the tunes, and not only when they're perfectly mixed shares them.

Now, that is worth the wait.

thanks to and the giraffe for the recommendation.

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