Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday Feature: Holm.

Drumming since he was 10, making his own music for a few years now, being inspired by ambient music, then getting into jazz hip hop and now... still trying to find himself musically. But hookers, uhm, I mean who cares that Boston's 18-year-old J. Thatcher May wont' probably ever be able to define himself with one genre- the different type of beats he crafts are just consistently so good.

Personally, I find his name somehow interesting. J and a period. Period. I think I'll just call him J. May from now on. What is equally interesting is his 365 Beat Project. When I realized what the project is all about, I thought he was crazy. Brilliant. Crazy. How is someone able to be continuously creative for such a long period of time- and make it work? I could somehow imagine J. May staring at his laptop screen thinking of what to do next every now and then. But I guess if you've got the talent and drive, everything will fall into place.

Another thing that came into my mind was Julie Powell, you know the girl who blogged about cooking all of Julia Child's recipes in 365 days? So, maybe we could call J. May "the Julie Powell of music".

Anyways, before I forget, his artist name is Holm. and you can check out his 365 Beat Project here.

And here are a few of my favorites of the newest beats. All are free to download!

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