Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Feature: Shelf Nunny

 I'm not a big fan of hip hop, but there's something fun about combining I Love College type of white boy rapping with now and then N.E.R.D.ish beats. That fun is Shelf Nunny.

19-year-old Santa Cruz-based rapper/producer, real name Christian Gunning didn't realize until he started playing shows that the world could relate with him in the sense that most of the world can't relate to hip hop. Ever since, he's been playing house parties and renegades and infused 'the make fun of hip hop/Lil Wayne' technique in his tunes.

A month ago Shelf Nunny released an 8-track-album 'I Did A Lot This Year'. So, that's for example collaborating with Tree and in his own words 'I got that guy from Das Racist to say shit, but it doesn't mean I'll make it'.

If his goal out of all he does is to show that nice guys don't always finish last.. Well it's easy to believe that karma will meet Shelf Nunny halfway.

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