Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shit happens when you're not going anywhere

Lately there hasn't been much to blog about other than music. That's fine though, but I'm pretty sure many of you want to read more about what's been going on.

Nada. Ingenting.  Ei mitään.

Unless someone is interested in hearing about the joys and wonders academic research can bring to a person. No one? Good, because I don't want to either. Though if you give me a baseball bat, I could express my deepest feeling, which doesn't start with 'L'.

I promised myself to write about all the happenings in London. Would you like to go all the way back to November 19th?

I would, so here we go!

Once again I spent my Saturday being a tourist and visiting The National Gallery. It's one of the most important museums in London. Also, one of the most boring ones, at least for me, who finds modern art to be more interesting and discussion-driving than paintings of many centuries ago.

Actually it was more fascinating to study the behaviour of tourists at Trafalgar Square. Many climbing on the lions taking the same photos that everyone else takes and so on. Though the fun part is that on the square you have the Olympic counter; on the other side it tells yous how many days it is until the Olympics, and on the other how many days until the Paralympics.

Guess on which side people posed more.


  1. It was also the day of my birthday!!

    1. Yes I know! I remember calling you about the da Vinci exhibition, but then I thought it was useless to include it here, as the Last Supper wasn't real! And there are no pictures from the dinner at your house :(

  2. but i have a video of you.....muahahahahaha!
    and maybe a picture, i will check

    1. hahaa let me know if you find them! i remember you not taking any photos though :S