Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Museum of London

November 26th, 2011

My boss recommended I visit London's museum, so I did one Saturday, and so many surprising facts were learned during that afternoon. For instance I had no clue that the Romans then Germans had conquered that area before. I mean, who would want to invade a cold, wet land?

Eventhough London not having the perfect weather from time to time, it's amazing how many disasters this big city has survived from. From great fires to deadly sewers, and more recently bomb attacks to riots.

My favorite part of the museum were all the quotes, which were right on.

When reading stories of London today, I didn't realize how many problems there were. The surface looked ok (despite poverty issues), but underneath there was for example so much human trafficking going on. Stories of girls and women being locked in houses, I couldn't help to think that that could be happening next door.

It's disturbing. But as a first world citizen you get shocked first, then move on with your lucky life.

The day ended really nicely with me meeting up with a former exchange student of ours from Czech. The last time I saw him he had pirate clothing and rum breathe. I wondered what we'd be talking about, since it had been so long, but the conversation went on and on of all topics, which included football.

Funniest thing was when I showed him the Liverpool merch I got, he took out his Chelsea bag at the same time, and showed pictures from the game he was just at. This will actually be the next story of my London journey, which hopefully I will get to finish at some time!

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