Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday Feature: Hannah and Lois

Today's life is so hectic that even when you lie on your bed you're not able to rest, because your thoughts are running. For this I think I've found a cure, and that's Hannah and Lois.

I don't remember what I was googling, when I accidentally found an article of the band one day. I could have gone "Not another indie folk act", but I didn't. Though giving them a chance, I was expecting for the worst; discovering more music, which doesn't stand out.

Luckily Friday Features are about musicians, who do the exact opposite.

Hannah and Lois are Hannah Nicholson and Lois Osborne who grew up in Colne, a small town in Pendle, Lancashire (sounds like a place in Middle Earth). Living in a hippy-ish community listening to music with simple structures, but meaningful lyrics, the duo started to craft their own tunes with the help of the harp and piano not too long ago.

And it's calming as hell.

It's like you've managed to finish all of your tasks, and the only one left is breathing. Seriously, how many times have you been able to get to that point? Well, listen to Hannah and Lois, and you can reach that point whenever you want.

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