Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday Feature: Purity Ring

If I'd have to choose a North American city in which to live in, my choice is more and more pointing to Montreal. Earlier when I featured Grimes, I started to believe an article stating Montreal to be the indie city of North America. Purity Ring is another brilliant proof of that.

Purity Ring consists of Megan James and Corin Roddick, who while touring with their previous band started to experiment their love towards hip hop. There's been quite a debate of what genres and sub-genres the duo represents. Is it dream pop, synth pop, hip hop, witch house (?!) and so on. The band itself describes the music as future pop, so let's just go with that. The coolest thing though is that I keep having Justin Timberlake's My Love video in my head, when listening to their songs.

I actually hope they'd release a black and white video with a lot of hip hop dancing.

The first song I heard was their third single "Obedear". It sounded alright, but when the album came available for streaming (which you can do here) I immediately discovered the wonder and freshness the combination of heavy hip hop bass beats and indie-minded lyrics can bring to the music scene.

More please.

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