Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One talented producer + a year = 365 amazing beats

It's kind of weird to not have your daily beat for breakfast anymore. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I felt/feel pretty empty and sad when Holm.'s 365 Beat Project ended. Still, in an odd way it feels like this whole thing never happened.

In a way I could compare this to my time abroad- it was part of my every day life, but when things got back to "normal" the experience became distant, yet very close. It was a special period you can never live again.

Sounds quite dramatic, I know. It's hard to put this kind of stuff on paper. But someone who managed to do it really well is the producer himself. I've copied his letter from his blog below, and I must say I was really surprised of how awesome his writing was. I mean when you're used to just hearing mainly tracks without lyrics... It's like seeing a constantly sad person smile- it lights up the room like nothing else.

The question is what now? I don't think I've heard a track for which Holm. has put more time than six hours. So when the next beat drops, I'll be catching it with open arms. Eyes closed.

life in the frame of 365 days.
the other day, once i finished my project, i said i would write something about the process of the 365 project i have no idea what to say but here it is.
the 365 wasnt too hard. in the end it became kind of a therapeutic thing for me. at first it was daunting, the first few weeks. I lived my senior year of high school on usually 2,3 or 4 hours of sleep. I would fall asleep in closets of my school throughout the day, but eventually i became used to it. it became a mental benefit for me. If anyone who reads this knows me on a personal level, i think its pretty evident that i’m not a very sad person, nor do I really ever take anything seriously. I feel like ive learned two important things in life that attribute a lot to who i am. one is that if I dont feel good, i have music. i can pour my heart into it and take those bad vibes out. another is that life is far too serious of a matter to take seriously. if i didnt have music in my past, and if i didnt have it in my future i would have probably turned out so much different. if you judged me based on my music, the general vibe and song titles, you’d be right in thinking a lot of my work, especially the later of it all, has somewhat of a dark tinge. many of my songs deal with common themes like confusion, loss, missed chances, and death to some extent. i created this music to deal with feelings I didnt want. thats why a lot of it has become so personal to me. especially my more ambient work, i really connect with that stuff. a lot of my songs were little stories to me, they were the sound of important events and memories in my life. the true gems were created after intense experiences. for instance, “the adventures of izzy & i” was created after a rad night with an old friend which included scaling warehouses to look at stars from the roof, the theft of a boat to sail around a pond in the early hours of the morning, and staying up long after the sun rose. “these are the stars, they go on forever” was created after another night with a long lost friend which included nearly the same things. “you’ll always be ok, wont you?” was something I made during a close call with the life of a loved one. “passing the houses i used to live in” was about a day where i drove around all the various places I had grown up as a kid. I found that my best work comes in situations that are very emotional. I work best with that type of music. in this journey ive learned to embrace bad experiences with open arms. what hurts us the most often teaches us more than we can fathom. theres no light without darkness and a certain beauty in the negative aspects of life. always strive to find that beauty in your lowest moment.
but in closing,
I started this project on a sunny day in october of 2012 in the suburbs of Boston, and i finished it on a rainy night in october of 2013 looking out at the streets of Manhattan, nyc. its interesting how far life can take us if we pay no attention.
dont expect the last of me,

much love <3

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