Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rockin' the Milky Way

March 30th

American girl, English guy. Great chemistry, but no, they are not a couple. Their fourth album is to be released 4.4. Though you can stream it on their website already: The Kills - Blood Pressures

Yes, The Kills give me the chills. They've been doing that for a few years now, and how great is it to go to Amsterdam for only the third time and visit the other famous venue; Melkweg, and to witness one of the coolest bands perform. What's that line they sing in the Outkast song? Aa, yes; "What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!". That's what was on my mind during the whole performance.

The gig started with the warm up band called S.C.U.M; the first thing I noticed was that the drummer was a female, who was pretty good, then the lead singer looked like Adam Lambert and the rest of the band members reminded me of the 70's. They had quite good songs, but somehow I couldn't take my mind off Adam Lambert, especially, when I just recently discovered he's dating Finland's Big Brother's winner. Huh?

After a while, it was time for the main act. They started with "No Wow", and just simply had a rocking start.

I was on the second row middle, and I had to look either one of them, since they were placed so far from each other. Mainly because they'd have a lot of space to move around. And for sure they did! It was sometimes difficult to take a photo due to that. Basically, it was dancing on the legs of a new born pony, left right left right, and damn that guy in front right of me has a big head.

One of the last songs they played is one of my favorites of the new album, it's called "The Last Goodbye". First time I heard it, I thought that pff what a cheesy song, it doesn't fit them all, but already after the first minute, it started to sound beautiful with its lyrics and Alison's voice, and for the first time I sensed some sort of matureness in the music. It did look like that she got teary eyes, and probably most of the fans when she sang the song. For me the song is starting to feel like something I would play in a funeral.

They played like 6-8 songs from their newest album, and I was so thankful that they gave a chance to stream it beforehand, so I had the chance to sing-along. And it was the first time they played Nail In My Coffin to anyone. I guess the sound was a bit circulating during that song, but hey the song is good, and it was a joy to see the band members laugh at each other after the song. However it was a bit of a disappointment that they didn't play "Cheap and Cheerful", which is the song and video that made me fall in love with the band.

In summary, what I thought; first time alone in Amsterdam and proud of finding my way and catching the train on time, even though it took a while to get out of the Melkweg and still managed to buy a shirt, catch the tram, though the tram driver kept stopping and yelling something to the back. Walking on the streets of Amsterdam was so nice with my own thoughts, maybe it would be nice to live there. Melkweg not that nice compared to Paradiso. Hating to travel by train to/from Amsterdam even more, especially during night. Blood Pressures album, perhaps being their best so far, though all albums are different form each other. Jamie such a good guitarist. Alison having smooth dance moves.

But most important of all; first time I saw a Domino band (Domino Records being my favorite record label). The Kills being a great live band. They rocked the Milky Way (=Melkweg). And yeah I also got my signed poster.


  1. Dear Jaleh I read your intresting Rockin' the Milky Way. as you know I am not professional to give any comments as experts do, but as your father all I can say I am proud of you as always I have been, when you show an intrest to any subject then you are undubtedly the best, that is why I trust you and let you find your way in the life. my heart is with you azizam.take care. baba