Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Despite the Hardships

 Last December during our Video Production course we were supposed to make a MOS short film (if you want to have a look behind the scenes, go to the "goodbye Hello" entry of my blog and look for the confused people outdoors). MOS stands for "Motor Only Sync" or "Motor Only Shot", ie. images without music and dialogue and the sounds had to be re-enacted separately from filming. A popular (presumed to be mythical) origin theory is that MOS stands for broken-English "Mit Out Sound", that is, "Without sound" as a 1920s German-émigré director might have said it.

In The Screenwriter's Bible, David Trottier credits the term to Austrian director Erich von Stroheim, who allegedly would tell his crew "Ve'll shoot dis mid out sound."

After the short intro, here is our film "Despite the Hardships" finally online. This was filmed in the cold, luckily for only five hours thanks to our talented crew and actors.

A big thank you to the crew and actors for making it happen. And Frituur Christ for de lekkerste frietjes van Nederland.

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